Hydro Vacuum Excavation/Potholing

Hydro Vacuum Excavation or "Potholing" utilizes water or air pressure to break up soil and debris for extraction by vacuum force. Potholing is the preferred way to locate and identify underground utilities in limited space with minimum disruptions to the public.


Equipment: Kerne America utilizes the Super Products MudDog 1600 and various Ditch Witch Hydro-Vacs in order to ensure the right equipment is available for the job regardless of size or scope.

Benefits of Hydro Vacuum Excavation / Potholing

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduced Time and Labor

  • Reduced Risk of Damage

  • Reduced Risk of  Injury

  • Potential Cost Savings

  • Ability to Work in Limited Space

  • Minimum Restoration

  • Minimum Excavation

  • Limited Traffic Disruption

  • Reduced Public Inconvenience


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